Lambie’s Love Bereavement Boxes



About Our Special Bereavement Boxes

Our bereavement boxes are distinct from the typical offerings you might encounter, as we are deeply committed to ensuring ours are of superior quality and they are purposefully designed for NICU losses. Crafted by our founder, a fellow loss parent who brings a depth of understanding only personal experience can provide.


In the darkest moments, where life and future drastically change, being gifted a travel size bottle of hand lotion and similar things of that nature, simply falls short.


At Lambie’s Love we aim to provide families with something meaningful—a connection to their child, of enduring quality and beauty that reflects the love they will always share. Each item is meticulously selected to be trigger-free, suitable for any neonatal loss, whether it’s a family of a micro-preemie who hasn’t had the chance to hold their child yet, or others facing unique circumstances common to NICU families. Moreover, our boxes are universally inclusive, devoid of association with any specific religion or belief system.







Stuffed Animal Set

The quality crafted stuffed animal pair that we include is chosen to be the perfect size—not too big for placement with baby, yet large enough for adults to hold and embrace comfortably too. This stuffed animal pair fosters a lasting bond between parent and child, and helps keep them bonded and ‘together’ always. Including two stuffed animals is crucial! While parents can rest assured knowing that their baby already has one of the stuffies, providing an additional one allows families to confidently keep the other one for themselves, offering solace and easing the pain of aching and empty arms.



Baby Book

Many of the things mentioned in typical adorable baby books just don’t relate to the stories of grieving families and can end up being really triggering. The book we include will be a ‘safe’ and trigger-free option. For these families, sharing a brief moment reading a sweet baby book to their child before saying goodbye offers a small sense of togetherness and fulfillment for both parent and baby. This simple act holds profound significance, particularly for those previously unable to be hands-on due to their child’s fragile state and specialized medical care. Families can continue to read and dedicate this baby book to their precious baby whenever they choose, whether nightly, on special dates, or when visiting their baby’s resting place.




Related Grief Help Book

A Best Seller/ Top Rated grief book for adults to read as they navigate this new difficult journey of life with grief. 



Pocket Token

We include a pocket token featuring something simple, such as a heart or the phrase ‘Always With You,’ because we want dads (or remaining siblings, or grandparents- whoever you would like to have it) to feel cared for as well. This small, special item can be slipped into their pocket, providing comfort and a reminder of their loved one that they can carry with them wherever they go.



Baby Blanket

Many of these precious children’s bodies are in fragile states, having endured significant trauma. We provide a beautiful small blanket so that families can choose to swaddle their child or simply have an extra cushion of support to better carry and embrace their child with dignity and honor.



Beautiful Keepsake Box

The boxes that our items are gifted in, can continue to be used as a keepsake box to hold other special items all in one place. Examples: Baby’s medical items from the NICU, important paperwork and documents, baby shower and bereavement cards, etc. 



These items, accompanied by a printed ‘basic resource list,’ are standard inclusions in all our special bereavement boxes (which are tailored to different varieties for girls, boys, and twins). 

*Please feel free to purchase these same items or use them as a source of inspiration if you are interested in making your own bereavement gift box for your family or friend.