Lambie’s Love

Lambie’s Love is a charity dedicated to extending compassionate care through the provision of thoughtfully curated bereavement boxes to the NICU, offering support and resources to grieving families who have experienced the tragedy of infant loss.




For The Newly Bereaved

While we are so glad that you have found our organization, we recognize that if you’re reading this, chances are you or someone dear to you has endured the painful experience of infant loss, and for that, our hearts ache with you.

The saying, “This is the club no one ever wants to be a part of” rings painfully true.

I understand how this journey can feel incredibly isolating, and in the depth of this profound sorrow, I hope my words will reach you and serve as an extended hand, gently reminding you that, even though it may feel otherwise at times, you are not alone.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and I want to remind you that you are allowed to seek whatever paths to healing are right for you. 


You Are Not Alone


Grieving The Death Of A Child


The Grief Of Parents When A Child Dies



About Us

We create special bereavement boxes that are delivered to the NICU, ensuring that hospitals have them readily available for nurses to promptly provide to families experiencing neonatal loss during the unexpected and life-altering moments when parents are forced to say their goodbyes.


For many families, one of the most difficult moments is when their baby’s physical form is separated from them, whether by a nurse taking the baby to the hospital morgue, a funeral home staff member placing the baby in a box, or the couple leaving the NICU room with the baby’s physical form still there. Having the option to hold something that keeps them connected to their baby may provide a small comfort during such an impossible transition.


During this traumatic time, countless compassionate individuals, including medical professionals and the loved ones of bereaved parents, are eager to offer any form of solace. However, understanding what could possibly be helpful at a moment like this is something that can only be grasped through personal experience. This understanding is the driving force behind the existence of Lambie’s Love and why our bereavement boxes are designed by our founder, a fellow bereaved parent. This is also why our bereavement boxes will always remain a central focus of our mission and be provided free of charge to these grieving families.


Each month, we honor new families who have lost children by donating bereavement boxes. With every donation, Lambie’s Love strives to accomplish three main goals: honoring families who have already experienced loss by making that month’s donation in their child’s name, providing care for future families with our special bereavement box gifts, and sincerely expressing our gratitude to the NICU nurses and medical teams who tirelessly work for their patients and families.




In addition to crafting our specialty bereavement boxes, our charity is committed to:
 -Offering access to essential information, guidance, and resources tailored to support grieving parents during a time they need it most.
-Promoting places that grieving families can connect and find community in a supportive environment for healing and remembrance.
-Working to break the taboo surrounding baby loss, fostering open discussion, acceptance, and a culture of support.
-Advocating for improved care and support for the pregnancy and infant loss community. 


Lambie’s Love

Supporting the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX area.

We would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Lambie’s Love is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. EIN: 99-1118658