January 1st

New Years Day


February 7th – 14th

Congenital Heart Defect & Trisomy 18 Awareness Week


February 17th

Random Acts of Kindness Day 


March 4th

Son’s Day 


March 8th

Women’s Day 


March 25th

Say Their Name Day 


1st Sunday of May

Bereaved Mother’s Day

May 6th – 12th

National Nurse’s Week

Mental Health Awareness Week


2nd Sunday of May

Mother’s Day


May 15th

May is Anencephaly Awareness Month and the Day is Usually Observed on the 15th. 


1st Sunday of June

Godparent’s Day


2nd Sunday of June

Children’s Day


3rd Sunday of June

Father’s Day


June 19th

International Father’s Mental Health Day


July 26th

Aunt & Uncle Day 


*Celebrate Whenever Their Special Day Is* 

Baby’s Birthday


August 19th

Day of Hope  

(Worldwide Rememberance Ceremony to honor all the babies and children that can no longer be with us) 

August 30th 

Grief Awareness Day


The Month of September

NICU Awareness Month


September 25th

Daughter’s Day


1st Sunday of Sept after Labor Day

Grandparent’s Day


The Month of October

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month


October 15th

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day National Wave of Light 

November 1st & 2nd

November 2nd

Day of the Dead

All Soul’s Day

Day of Prayer & Remembrance


November 13th

World Kindness Day


November 17th  

World Prematurity Day


3rd Thursday of November (1 week before Thanksgiving)  

Children’s Grief Awareness Day



Last Sunday of November  

Sunday of the Dead

Commemoration of the Dead


December 31st

New Year’s Eve