Gift Ideas 


Meaningful and symbolic jewelry provides a tangible connection to their baby. Consider a necklace bearing Baby’s name or another symbol that holds special significance. For instance, I often wear a necklace adorned with roses, appreciating its subtle reminder of my baby. The ability to physically touch and hold onto such jewelry brings comfort, especially during special events where I long for my loved one’s presence.

Wind chime 

The gentle melody of a wind chime brings solace and reassurance, reminiscent of their baby’s presence. Each time it sings in the breeze, it feels as though their baby is near, filling the family’s heart with warmth and joy.

Remembrance Candle 

A Remembrance Candle offers a comforting glow for regular use or for special occasions. There’s a wide variety available, each evoking personal memories. Some of our favorites include those inscribed with sentiments like “princess,” “royal,” “little girl sugar and spice,” “forever loved,” “roses,” “winter magic,” “ballerina bliss,” and “little lamb.” You might choose one that corresponds to the season the child was born or their original due date, features an animal associated with them, or supports a charity close to their heart.

Pocket Stone

A Pocket Stone bearing a heart or the child’s name serves as a meaningful keepsake, offering solace without the weight of jewelry. Easily carried in a pocket or purse, it provides a tangible connection wherever you go.

Quilt or Blanket

An embroidered Quilt or Blanket, adorned with special details about the baby or their family, offers warmth and comfort on difficult days. The family can wrap themselves in its embrace during moments of grief or take it along for soothing picnics.

Biodegradable Balloons

Organize a balloon release with biodegradable balloons, offering a symbolic gesture of remembrance and release.

Personalized Brick or Stepping Stone

A personalized brick or stepping stone paver serves as a lasting memento, offering a tangible reminder of their child’s presence wherever life takes them. Small enough to be set on an apartment patio, placed in a special garden, or kept close, it symbolizes enduring love and cherished memories.

Retreat Gift

Consider gifting the parents a getaway, or better yet, consider covering the costs for them to attend a grief retreat. Grief retreats offer a space for shared understanding and healing, where cherished memories can be honored and celebrated. For us, when we attended A Memory Grows infant loss retreat, it actually felt like a trip WITH our daughter as she was the focus of everything we did- and that was a gift that transcends material value. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards offer invaluable assistance in covering a range of expenses, including food, medical bills, funeral fees, clothing, and other everyday costs. This support is particularly crucial when families may be facing temporary loss of income or extended periods without pay.

Here are a few gift card suggestions that we found particularly helpful and appreciated:

  • DoorDash: Families can choose from a wide range of dining options based on their preferences and dietary restrictions, without concern for limited fridge space.
  • Chick-fil-A: Offering nuggets in individual meals or large party trays, these are easy to consume even when appetite is low. They can be enjoyed warm upon delivery or directly from the fridge. Additionally, their menu features comforting options like chicken noodle soup.
  • Panera: Known for its comforting soup selection and variety of substantial meal options including sandwiches, Panera provides a comforting choice for families.
  • FrontPantry: This local company offers a convenient option for homecooked meals, with free delivery to DFW. Their premade meals can be easily heated up, requiring no energy for cooking or cleaning.
  • Generic/Visa: These gift cards offer flexibility in covering medical and funeral expenses, providing practical assistance during challenging times.
  • Amazon and Clothing Stores: Offering a range of options beyond wearing their previous maternity clothes, these gift cards allow bereaved moms to find comfort in new attire as they navigate their grief journey and fluctuating sizes.

Donations Made in Baby’s/Family’s Honor

Making a donation to an organization or charity relevant to Baby’s life honors their memory and supports causes close to their family’s heart.